Sumaiyya zaka

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What do you do when you have leftover ingredients from making quesadillas? You make the best loaded nachos imaginable. This recipe will surely tickle your tastebuds and take you on a texture and flavor rollercoaster ride. Inspired by the huge plate of nachos I had at cheesecakefactory with some tweaks here and there. This is a must try!



Product Used In This Recipe

Wrapster Wholemeal Tortillas - 8 Pcs

Introducing Pakistan’s First Low Carb, Fibre-rich Wholemeal Tortillas. Wrapster Wholemeal Tortillas are perfect for people wanting to maintain a healthy lifestyle without compromising on taste. Made with wholewheat, these premium wholemeal tortillas are perfect for kick-starting your day in a healthier way. Omelete Breakfast Wrap, Healthy Nacho Salad or Hashbrown Egg Wrap, choices are unlimited with our low-fat wholemeal tortillas.

Available Size: Regular (8″)

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