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Inspired from a recipe of somethingscooking, this recipe is ideal for all the mothers on a time-crunch, looking to provide a delicious, kids-friendly meal without compromising on health & nutrition. Our fiber-rich, ready to eat DailyRoti is not only convenient for mothers but also keeps their little one's tummy healthy and happy!



Product Used In This Recipe

DailyRoti - Ready to Eat, Wholewheat Roti

Introducing Pakistan’s First Ready To Eat Roti. Ever Since its introduction in 2019, DailyRoti has been an instant hit. Made with Wholewheat, DailyRoti is a sweet-spot where convenience meets health. Fibre-rich and nutritious, it provides your body the energy it deserves while saving a lot of hassle and time of cooking. DailyRoti is also microwaveable, Just open the pack, heat it up and enjoy the taste of homemade, wholewheat Roti.

Available Size: Regular (8″)

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